Innovation for sugar confectionary industry
Engineering office                            Dr. Markus Müller


to Engineering office Dr. Markus Müller

Engineering   office   Dr.   Müller   was   founded   by   Dr.-Ing.   Markus   Müller   in 1998.   Dr.   Müller   is   an   experienced   technical   manager   in   manufacturing for   chocolate   moulding   lines,   and   in   designing   and   producing   winding and   slitting   machines   for   plastic   films.   With   his   technical   background   he is   able   to   offer   strong   sales   support   for   the   contract   partners   in   the confectionery business. The   focus   of   the   technical   consultancy   is   the   manufacturing,   forming and    wrapping    process    of    chocolates,    licorice,    jelly    or    hard    candy products. Furthermore    the    company    supports    the    industry    in    the    process    of realizing    marketing    and    product    ideas    how    to    produce    them    in    an industrial way. Since   the   formation   of   the   business   more   than   200   projects   have   been realized in Europe.

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Innovation for sugar confectionary industry